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Before setting up with Alexa please download the free Smart Life App. You will then link your account with your Alexa. Set up your Smart Life account 3. Plug into an AC outlet 4. Connect the plug to your local WIFI with your phone connecting to it. Schedule your appliance. WiFi Requirement: 2. For questions or business cooperation please contact us or email directly to liyi gmail. Think of it as an introduction to home automation that you can save to reference smart home solutions such as lighting, thermostats, security, and more.

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Super Easy to Set up - [Teckin] Smart Plug

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This a review of the Teckin smart plug that has Google home and Alexa support. Trending Reviews. Very low voltage and comes in multi-packs.

Check these out here on Amazon! And these SP10 smart plugs from Teckin are a good choice whether you're just starting out with home automation or you're just looking to expand. The actual plugs are pretty small and the only thing on it is a power button on the side. Each smart plug can control only one plug-in device through your phone or voice assistant. And in this video I'll show you the complete set up process for how you can connect them.

Teckin Smart Plug Review – Is This WiFi Smart Plug Any Good?

First download the Smart Life app to your phone.We recently needed some new smart plugs to update our house with some sweet smart tech goodness. These devices are actually smart plug sockets. You plug them into any UK 3-pin power outlet and then anything that is plugged into that can be controlled by your smart home.

I say smart home, rather than just smart phone, because these plugs can be controlled via other things such as Alexa and Google Assistant. They can be bought on their own, or in packs of two or four.

So something like a heater might work great.

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The great thing about this set was that you get four plugs. Mine have quickly been swallowed up by our home, with many more ideas on where to use future Teckin plugs.

A quick check on my Amazon account and I breathed a sigh of relief. The packaging itself is good quality and the plugs are packed neatly inside. The rounded edges and subtle logo on the front panel help with this. This serves two purposes:. It works in conjunction with your smart phone and other smart home stuff — so you can turn it off manually with this button, then turn it back on with the app later, for example. The included manual is blissfully brief and is written in plain English.

While colour diagrams help see what you need to press and when. I was able to follow the setup guide without any problems. One small downside was the instructions are printed in an absolutely tiny font. I managed to read it OK but I could see some people having a problem with it.

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While there is no Teckin app as such, your first task is to download the third party Smart Life App to your phone or tablet. When you insert the plug for the first time, it enters straight into setup mode. One thing we wanted to be able to do with our smart plugs was set timers easily. So a quick and dirty fix was to plug it into a smart plug. The timers are super-useful and very easy to set up using the Smart Life app. You can even set notifications when a device has been turned on, or off.

One big surprise with these wifi sockets is how stable the connection seems to be. Want to turn your heaters on before you get home, without splashing out on a Wifi Heater? No problem. But I like to list the bad points in my reviews too.Searching for an answer? Here's our table of contents:. If you happen to be a smart home enthusiast, it is likely that you appreciate the value of Smart Plugs.

They are the ultimate tool for turning dumb devices into smart ones and allowing you to enjoy unfettered access and control over virtually any electronic device. In this Teckin Smart Plug review, we are going to find out everything you need to know about this handy device.

Teckin Smart Plugs come in three main designs, the most popular ones being square and round. These differ in both appearance and features. The square plugs have a 16 Amp rating with a stated maximum load power of W. On the other hand, the round plugs are rated at 10 Amps and have a stated maximum load power of W. The third design is the Teckin Smart Plug Mini.

teckin smart plug manual

Also known as the Teckin Smart Plug Mini Wi-Fi, it sports a sleek design that lets you stack two plugs on the same outlet. Just like the square plug, this one has a 16 Amp rating and stated maximum load power of W. See SP 10 offer on Amazon. See offer on Amazon. Before we go into more details on the Teckin Smart Plug, let's compare the three main Teckin Smart Plugs to some alternatives out there. Here's a handy table. Amazon UK single plug. You can plug pretty much any device you want into your Smart Plug.

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This could include lamps, fans, heaters and dehumidifiers, among other devices. Any device that uses the regular electrical outlets in your household can work with the Smart Plug. What makes this possible is the simple fact that the magic is in the plug, not your device or the outlet.

It simply acts as a connecting point between the two, offering capabilities that devices do not have on their own. You can use some basic controls to customise the settings on your plug. Here is a list of all the things Teckin Smart Plug can be used for:.

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This is another great feature of the plug — it allows you access to devices in your home even when you are miles away. Think about the convenience of this. It could allow you to turn on your lights as a security measure when you are going to get home late. If you have a habit of leaving devices on by mistake, you could also use it to check if the heater or another high energy device is on.

When you are away from home, you could also turn the lights on and off to create the impression that someone is home, for security purposes. Or if you want to find your home warm and toasty when you get home, you could remotely turn on the heater when you are on the way. You can set a timer on your plug using the countdown timer feature. To use this feature, simply go to your Smart Life app and set a timer.In I wrote here now updated about the Teckin SP23 for British plugs and sockets Smart plugs and commented that whether this ends well or not will depend on the company.

Well, they wrote back to me on Nov 4, It would seem they have binned power monitoring on the SP23 product and adjusted the capacity claim for the UK to 13A. It seems also that the chipset has been changed. The SP23 devices I received convert to Tasmota no problem but newer models do not. I also have SP27 sockets in the same boat. So basically you are looking at just another cloud-operated smart socket.

I guess it is all down to price and your hapiness or othersie with cloud dependency as to whether or not you use these.

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Anything about power monitoring below this paragraph is historical. Theirs are pretty normal looking smart plugs — without any special surprises — but do the SP23 and SP27 have power monitoring and will they work with Tasmota firmware? As techies most of you may NOT be interested in the standard off-the-shelf software involving yet another cloud and yet another APP.

However, button, LED and relay work perfectly on my SP23 units — by Tasmota was not working for others who bought a later revision.

teckin smart plug manual

So, what do the SP27 smart plugs actually have going for them? Available at Amazon, not too expensive, pretty but otherwise nothing special it would seem.

How to connect TECKIN Smart Plug with Alexa

Bear in mind that these devices as well as on-off, have 24 hour, 7 day timers built-in — but unbelievably do NOT have dusk-dawn capability. So lights on at lighting up time? Fixed times only. Good for cheap rate timing, useless for dusk-dawn lighting. Perhaps the designers might re-think this if enough people gripe? Two images above — and in the above Dehumidifier photo is the SP27 smart plug in this case running the internal timer to only turn on the living room — slightly noisy dehumidifier in the early hours of the morning when we are all in bed and below, the somewhat larger SPThe company then used testimonials in their marketing.

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teckin smart plug manual

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Teckin SP23 and SP27 Smart Plugs

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